We Three Kings: A Director/Co-Director Study

About the Workshop

In June of 2020 Joseph and Stacie Graber co-directed We Three Kings, a new Christmas movie telling the story behind the carol of the same name.  They are dedicated to learning to work together as a team - not just in film but in life, in marriage, in pastoral work, and in parenting their four boys.  In this talk they share helpful stories and tips about directing actors, co-directing effectively (without hating each other), and the whole talk may or may not be sprinkled with random advice on how to keep your marriage strong while staying in film.

About the Speakers

Stacie Graber

Stacie began producing films in 2009, training young filmmakers through hands-on classes and on-set opportunities, like her feature directorial debut Indescribable

Joseph Graber

From gospel chalk art, to pastoring a church plant, to making feature and documentary films with his wife Stacie, Joseph is passionate about communicating biblical truth