The Story Spiral

About the Workshop

Let’s take “write what you know” to a whole new level! Have you known suffering in your life? Perseverance? Trial and error? Hope? If so, you have experienced the design of the human story-- a design from the Author of life that is intrinsic to every person and circumstance. A design from the Master Storyteller whose pen strokes we can sometimes mistake for scribbles...
The Story Spiral is an intuitive and biblical approach to understanding and structuring stories. It is a map to help you uncover the pattern in the events, experiences, and seasons of life. My hope is that following this map will not only help you craft stories that resonate with all, but will also offer insight into your own story.
I invite you to join me in becoming an apprentice of the Master Storyteller!

About the Speaker

Travis Palmer

Since 2003, Travis has invested into the lives of hundreds of filmmakers, contributing expertise to more than 200 productions, including over 20 features and 7 documentaries

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