Lighting: Fixing the Right Problem

About the Workshop

It would be funny if it wasn’t so frustrating. You’re lighting a scene, and something just isn’t working. You add another light, and the problem gets worse. You start turning lights off one by one, and it just doesn’t look right. 10 minutes later, the 1st AD comes to you and asks, “We’ve got 5 minutes left in your projected setup time; are we on target for the final rehearsal?” 45 minutes later, it’s lunch, you’ve started over twice, and you still don’t like the results but have to shoot anyway to make the day. Been there? What if you knew what the lighting would look like before a single light came off the truck? You can. You must. In this session, we will discuss an approach to lighting that greatly reduces problems, enhances on-set communication, and creatively empowers the G&E team. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran filmmaker, this session will provide practical tools to help you avoid, identify, and fix lighting problems.

About the Speaker

Dan Parsons

When Dan fell in love with cinematography, he knew he wanted to teach it too. A DP and Digital Media Professor, he has over 250 credits, including The Reliant & Treasure Lies

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