Extraordinary Storytelling

About the Workshop

Creating great story is an art form.  When we experience a great story, we suffer and triumph right along with the characters and identify deeply with their journey.  The reason we resonate so deeply with story is because God designed us for it.  In fact, the Gospel itself is the greatest story ever told.  While some Christians believe we should look anywhere but to the Gospel to find the secrets of great storytelling, the opposite is actually true.  Storytelling is God’s chosen means for communicating His message of hope and light to a dying world.  And it is only when we emulate His pattern that we can discover how to weave together an extraordinary story — one that has the potential to change the lives of its hearers forever.

About the Speaker

Eric Ludy

Pastor Eric Ludy is the bestselling author of The Bravehearted Gospel, and When God Writes Your Love Story, and the lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training

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