Actors Panel

About the Workshop

Rebekah Cook will moderate a panel of experienced actors to discuss their insights and share stories of how to be "salt and light" and honor the Lord both on and off set.

About the Speakers

Shari Rigby

Shari Rigby is an actress, director, writer, producer, author, and inspirational speaker, best known for her roles in Overcomer, October Baby, and Not Today

Cameron Arnett

Camy "Cameron" Arnett (Treasure Lies, Champion, Overcomer, I Still Believe) is an award-winning television, film, and theater actor, and also a film producer & director

Rebekah Cook

Whether acting, coaching, casting, or directing, Rebekah loves working with actors to help them better understand both sides of the casting and film production process

Jonathan Wessel

An actor and stuntman on both stage & screen, Jonathan has taught acting for 8+ years. His film credits include Happy Together, There, Night Guard, and Counter Column

Stacey Bradshaw

An old-fashioned girl in a modern world, Stacey is an actress with nearly fifty credits in the Christian film industry, including Unplanned & Touched by Grace