UNDERGROUND Discussion 2: Families in Film

By March 16, 2017 No Comments

Jerry Henline, Paul Munger, Brett Varvel, John-Clay Burnett, Joseph & Stacie Graber

The second UNDERGROUND discussion occurred Thursday afternoon as veteran filmmakers gathered to answer questions from the audience. The topic up for discussion was “Families in Film.” A sampling of the questions asked were about finances, family dynamics, and how to disciple your children as a filmmaker.

The director of Princess Cut, Paul Munger, stated that supporting a family is “incredibly challenging.” The best way to have a steady income is to have multiple side jobs. A statement from Mr. Munger that brought many nods from the other members of the panel was “going into production is like going into war.”

On the question of how to communicate well with your spouse, director of Indescribable, Joseph Graber, responded “unity is the most important thing.” John-Clay Burnett added that “the key to unity is defining your roles (as a spouse) well.”

As the questions progressed, the focus of the session turned to what kind of story a young filmmaker could start off with. Stacie Graber replied that the best idea would be to adapt a parable or story from the Bible and retell it in a cinematic format. Brett Varvel shared that in college his professor assigned the students to go out in the streets and start interviewing people, looking for real life stories to tell.

Finally, one of the last questions inquired about the best way to disciple your children as a filmmaker. Jerry Henline, father of the siblings that directed Polycarp, shared that the most effective way of discipleship is through example by living your own life in consistent obedience to Christ. Mr. Munger added several practical suggestions such as daily devotions, eating meals as a family, and Scripture memorization. To sum it up, Brett Varvel said “we have to constantly be a reflection of Christ to our kids, and if we are a poor reflection then they will not want to follow him.”

The Christian Worldview Film Festival attendees will have opportunities in the remaining days of the festival to attend three more UNDERGROUND discussions: “Faith on Set”, “The God Factor”, and “Acting Integrity”.