Stephen Preston

CWVFF Speaker2018

Stephen is CEO of Red Sky Studios, a full service production/post-production team of creatives with one goal:  Entertain and reveal Truth to a hurting & confused world. Stephen felt God’s call on his life from an early age to reach people with the Gospel of Christ and it soon became evident that entertainment and the arts were a powerful avenue to do that. Starting with sound for live concerts and moving to recording studios, radio work and finally Technical Director for the largest evangelical church in New England, God was training him for something bigger.

In 2005, newly engaged to be married and working at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA, Stephen got a call from Jon Erwin. They had met at Word of Life Bible Institute four years prior, had become great friends, and knew that they would work together someday. Jon told Stephen about a project they were working on called The Cross and the Towers, a documentary about 9/11. He said that he and his brother Andy make fantastic “silent films” and that they need help with this project. Stephen (and Theresa) had many conversations about the opportunity in Birmingham, AL and in God’s timing it all worked out. Stephen knew sound for concerts and studio work well, but film and documentary work was a new and different opportunity. God’s call was clear. Stephen and Theresa got married in October, went to Aruba for their honeymoon, and moved to Alabama the following week to start this new adventure.

Through many hours, weeks, months and years, Stephen learned (and is still learning) the art of sound for visual storytelling. Romans 10:17 is a constant reminder that hearing and clearly understanding the word of God is imperative for faith. The Erwin Brothers knew how critical it was to get the sound right for their projects and they did many projects together including October Baby, Mom’s Night Out, Woodlawn and I Can Only Imagine releasing Spring 2018. Though Stephen’s main focus was on sound, it wasn’t always a need. That’s when he would dive into learning more in depth about the production and post-production process and where he could use his skills. In addition to Sound Designer and Sound Mixer, he also served in roles as Lighting Director, DIT, Playback Operator, and Post-Production Supervisor.

In 2014, Stephen became part of Red Sky Studios and began leading the team through production and post-production projects starting with the movie Woodlawn. God’s call for Stephen that started over 20 years (hundreds of concerts and over 24 films) ago remains just as true today — use the tools that He has given you for His glory!

Connect with Stephen Preston: Official Website / Facebook / Vimeo / IMDb

2018 Workshops by Stephen Preston

  • Finishing With Sound

    As a Sound Designer, you work with the Director to take what was shot and edited to take the story to the next level. We’ll walk through the process from video edit through final delivery masters. There are principles and processes that need to be followed in order to end up with a great product. We’ll walk through how to approach any project methodically and how to work in layers — using the time most effectively.

  • Sounds Good!

    The Production Sound Mixer is responsible for capturing half of the film on set but has one of the smallest departments (if anyone at all) dedicated to the task. A Sound Mixer’s approach is very different from other positions on set. How can you get what you need with cameras all over the place? We’ll cover equipment and general principles as well as a variety of solutions to difficult situations.

  • “In The Can” - What’s Next?

    The film is finished shooting. What happens after the cameras stop rolling and where do you start? We’ll walk through how to prepare for success from the start with raw footage and sound from set. Then, we’ll walk through the editorial process and finishing in color and sound. Aside from the technical specifics, we’ll also cover budgeting, timelines and post-production management.