Rick Shaw

CWVFF Speaker2018

"I am a Mechanical Engineer, Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman. I am qualified to design and build the machinery necessary to perform most any stunt your production requires. I have a thorough understanding of Special Effects and Pyrotechnics. In 1989, I set a world record for the highest temperature endured by a human! I can take a little and make it look spectacular. I adapt to things very quickly. I hold a license to drive formula racing cars, as well as a chauffeurs license and a AMA pro motorcycle racing license. Protecting the production company, talent, crew and stunt performer has always been my goal.

I worked in Southern California for 10 years as a stunt performer. While working as a stuntman I spent time learning the business of making films. I packaged two films for two major studios; both films went on to box office success.  Over the years I have developed relationships with many professionals in distribution and I understand the dynamics of distribution. I have had the opportunity to produce films but my passion is in stunts. I left California in 1998 to raise my kids in the Midwest. In 2006, I gave my life to the Lord. I spent time in my church teaching Sunday school to toddlers.

The time came when the Lord put it in my heart to return to what I know, for His glory. I had retired from the film and stunt business but the Lord had other plans. In 2011, the first Christian film I did work on was Undaunted: The Early Life Of Josh McDowell. During the filming I knew that this is where the Lord wanted me to be.

Since then I have worked on more Christian films, including The Reliant, Andy's Rainbow, Beautiful Prison, Beyond The Mask, and Ragamuffin: The Rich Mullins Story. I have several Christian film projects in the works, but I am just going to hang on to the Lord's hand and enjoy the ride!"

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2018 Workshops by Rick Shaw

  • All About The Action!

    Come hear from experienced stunt performer and coordinator Rick Shaw on how to use affordable stunts to increase production value, how to find and select your stunt crew, how to keep safety on set a priority, and what distribution companies may be looking for in Christian action films. Be ready for some explosive Q&A!