Rick Shaw

CWVFF Speaker2018

"I am a Mechanical Engineer, Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman. I am qualified to design and build the machinery necessary to perform most any stunt your production requires. I have a thorough understanding of Special Effects and Pyrotechnics. In 1989, I set a world record for the highest temperature endured by a human! I can take a little and make it look spectacular. I adapt to things very quickly. I hold a license to drive formula racing cars, as well as a chauffeurs license and a AMA pro motorcycle racing license. Protecting the production company, talent, crew and stunt performer has always been my goal.

I worked in Southern California for 10 years as a stunt performer. While working as a stuntman I spent time learning the business of making films. I packaged two films for two major studios; both films went on to box office success.  Over the years I have developed relationships with many professionals in distribution and I understand the dynamics of distribution. I have had the opportunity to produce films but my passion is in stunts. I left California in 1998 to raise my kids in the Midwest. In 2006, I gave my life to the Lord. I spent time in my church teaching Sunday school to toddlers.

The time came when the Lord put it in my heart to return to what I know, for His glory. I had retired from the film and stunt business but the Lord had other plans. In 2011, the first Christian film I did work on was Undaunted: The Early Life Of Josh McDowell. During the filming I knew that this is where the Lord wanted me to be.

Since then I have worked on more Christian films, including The Reliant, Andy's Rainbow, Beautiful Prison, Beyond The Mask, and Ragamuffin: The Rich Mullins Story. I have several Christian film projects in the works, but I am just going to hang on to the Lord's hand and enjoy the ride!"

Connect with Rick Shaw: Facebook / Demo Reel / The Reliant sizzle reel / IMDb