Nathan Ashton

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Nathan Ashton has been making radio, TV, and film sound awesome for 20 years. During this time he taught audio post at University and traveled four continents writing segment scripts for a TV show. In the last several years Ashton has focused on Foley and Sound Effects Editing; landing jobs with front line companies such as Burns Family Studios, Five Stones Productions, Ealing Studios, HBO, and SPIKE TV. In 2017 he was nominated for a Golden Reel for Foley on an HBO documentary film.

Nathan now lives in Dallas, Texas, with his lovely wife Lydia, four teenage kids, two young cats, and a baby tarantula. When not working in the studio, he delights in inventing “Papa Jokes”, reading, and watching sci-fi. Nathan enjoys traveling and met his wife in Sweden. Lydia is an accomplished composer of music for network television and often serves as an extra set of ears on Nathan’s film projects. Together they work in the mission field of media while encouraging Christians to become intentional media creators.

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2019 Workshops by Nathan Ashton

  • Faith Cometh By Hearing

    Sound and music play an important part in the visual process. They materialize the invisible and make believable the impossible. They are also the voice of subtext. This workshop will look at the role of sound in filmic media, create a vocabulary for its dissection, and discover how to use sound to make your audience BELIEVE the story you are telling.