Matthew Shaw

CWVFF Speaker20172019

Matthew Shaw is an art director and prop builder, with experience in independent films, live shows, and attractions. He always works with his production designer wife, Marcela, hoping that no one will be able to figure out that she's the one with all the talent.

His film resume includes Champion (2017 CWVFF winner), Like Arrows (2018 CWVFF winner), and the Kendrick brothers' upcoming film Overcomer. For four years, he and Marcela worked as scenic designers for the annual Christmas musical of Thomas Road Baptist Church, creating some interesting pieces, like photo realistic trees and a giant snowman puppet. They also were able to join Answers in Genesis, building props for The Ark Encounter, a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark. One of their most unique career opportunities was to help create an escape room in Albany, Georgia called Race2Escape, built with puzzles, a story, and a completely immersive experience.

2019 Workshops by Matthew Shaw

  • Foam to Stone: Scenic Painting for Cinema

    A practical class on using paint to give your movie an amazing look without killing your budget. We will share actual samples of simulated wood, stone, metal, and cement, with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.

  • Tips & Tricks of the Trade

    A collection of top tens for anyone interested in art or production design. Lists include Top 10 Tools, Top 10 Apps, and Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid. These down-to-earth, rapid-fire suggestions will share some of the biggest lessons we've learned about what to do...and what NOT to do.