Marcela Shaw

CWVFF Speaker20172019

Marcela Shaw is a Production Designer with a background in Industrial Design. Throughout her career she has worked for different companies in a number of areas such as product development, production line optimization, and graphic design.

Her passion for films started when she was just a little girl, observing the backgrounds of the movies she watched. She got her start in films in 2009 as an On-Set Dresser. Her work as a Set Decorator and Prop Maker has extended into theatre, like the Virginia Christmas Spectacular, and themed attractions, like The Ark Encounter.

She and her husband work as a team: Production Designer/Art Director, respectively. They recently had the opportunity to travel to Zelenograd, Russia to teach about design techniques and the importance of teamwork. Her career has been motivated by a great desire to never stop learning and growing, and she hopes to always continue on that path of discovery.