Judd Brannon

CWVFF Speaker2018

Judd Brannon is a director, producer, and editor with a vision for bringing stories to life. His initial success came with the music video For Freedom, featuring the music of Grammy-nominated artist, Avalon, and was selected to be a part of Sean Hannity’s Freedom Tour.

Judd was part of the crew for the Kendrick Brothers' feature War Room, and served as staff video producer at the church of First Woodstock in Atlanta, GA, for twelve years. In 2015, with over twenty years of video production experience and the wholehearted partnership of his church community, he was excited to produce and direct his first feature film, Champion, which went on to win multiple awards at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival, including Best Feature Film, Audience Choice Award, and Judd's personal favorite: Runner-up for Best Gospel Presentation.

Judd recently launched out into fulltime freelance filmmaking, and is thankful for the support of his wife and two awesome boys.

Connect with Judd Brannon: Official Champion Website / Facebook / Vimeo / IMDb