Joseph Graber

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Joseph Graber is passionate about telling stories and using film to communicate biblical truth. Since 1998, he has traveled throughout the US and Mexico as a gospel chalk art evangelist. During those years he gained valuable experience in storytelling and learned much about the effectiveness of audio/visual presentations in communicating truth. 

Joseph and his wife Stacie met at a Christian film festival in 2010. They have now been married for five years and have been blessed with three sons. Joseph and Stacie have become an effective filmmaking team. Together they wrote, directed, and produced the feature film Indescribable that was released in April 2013. Later that year, Joseph and Stacie spent three weeks in Peru filming a promo for the Christian School of the Andes and the mission work of Gary and Amelia Tebbe. Currently they are producing Breaking the Silence, a story from Joseph’s Old Order Amish childhood. Joseph also currently serves as a pastor of Living Water Fellowship in Golden, Colorado.