John Grooters

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John Grooters is an award-winning filmmaker who has brought stories of redemption and truth to the screen for over 20 years. John’s global travels and voracious appetite for the Word of God have afforded him a unique understanding of the context and culture of Biblical teachings. He has worked with some of the world’s leading playwrights, theologians and scientists, translating their work for popular consumption.

His more recent projects include Tortured for Christ, produced in partnership with The Voice of the Martyrs; As in the Days of Noah The Noah Interview, produced in partnerships with Answers in Genesis & The Ark Encounter; and the That the World May Know series featuring Ray Vander Laan, produced in partnership with Focus on the Family.

John’s company, Grooters Productions, partners with commercial and ministry organizations to tell their stories and amplify their messages. GP’s work appears in theaters, museums, festivals, trade-shows, conferences, and on broadcast television.

Ferocious Films™ is John’s outlet for original content - feature films, documentaries, animated children’s series, and reality shows including the award-winning feature film The Frontier Boys and its corresponding award-winning curriculum for teen boys, Frontier Boys: Explore.

The weekly No Shame Podcast™ with John Grooters offers encouraging and insightful conversation from some of the most influential leaders in business, philanthropy, entertainment, ministry and art.

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