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George Escobar has written and directed over a dozen feature films and documentaries for the Christian market, including the Oscar-nominated Alone Yet Not Alone, the No. 2 Christian film in 2015 and 2016 for and The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment (based on the New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn). It was Amazon’s No. 1 faith DVD for over 75 weeks. A new biographical documentary directed by Mr. Escobar, The Harbinger Man: The Jonathan Cahn Story, premiered in 2016. Several of Mr. Escobar’s films have been released by Provident Films (a unit of Sony), Capitol Christian Distribution, and, three of the largest Christian film distributors in the market.

Mr. Escobar is co-writer and director of Distinction, a new feature film in production in Franklin, TN. His screenplay, Trapped, co-written with Ken Carpenter was a finalist for the Kairos Prize. His other narrative feature work includes co-writing, co-directing, and producing Come What May, which garnered several film festival awards and was distributed by Provident Films. His most recent film, Every Boy Needs a HERO, was released by Capitol, and won Best Score at the Pan Pacific Film Festival and was Audience Favorite Runner Up at the Christian Worldview Film Festival (CWVFF). The 1940s period film, The Screenwriters, which he executive produced, won several awards at film festivals, including Audience Favorite Runner Up at CWVFF prior to its public release in Winter 2016. Mr. Escobar also directed other new documentaries for WND Films, including Blood Moons, The Rabbi Who Found Messiah, and God’s Day-Timer. He also produced, along with Joseph Farah and Joel Richardson, End Times Eyewitness and Global Jesus Revolution.

Mr. Escobar’s current feature projects are Trapped for WND Films, and Missileman, now in development with a Hollywood production company.

Mr. Escobar was a producing fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory. He is Vice President of WND Films and TV and co-founder of Advent Film Group. Previously he was Vice President of Product Development for Discovery Networks, Executive Director of AOL/Time Warner, and Vice President of Advance Products for Tele-TV. He holds seven U.S. patents for interactive design and technologies and is a regular speaker at many Christian film festivals and homeschool conferences. Escobar has taught filmmaking to over 3,000 students, including about 150 students, interns, and associates during the production of Advent’s feature films.

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2018 Workshops by George Escobar

  • How To Sell Your Story & Feature Screenplay

    You can make it yourself. Or you can get others to do it for you. In this workshop, we’ll explore all the selling options that screenwriters must know in order to reach the professional ranks. Feature filmmaking is a business married to artistry. It’s a balancing act you must accept and fulfill. We’ll teach you how to approach producers, directors, actors, and investors to pitch and develop your projects.

  • How To Write Great Dialogue

    Really? (Yes, you’ll learn dialogue in this workshop. It’s not easy, but teachable.) Don’t I just need to write how people actually talk, you know, like this, conversational? (No, that’s not it. Movie dialogue sounds like real talk. But it needs context. Subtext. A voice. A beat. Rhythm. Got it?) Okay, I’m sold. I’ll bring my friends too. (Great! You’re going to love it!)

  • How To Write Powerful & Effective Scenes

    This workshop will teach proper scene construction. We’ll explore the elements required to make a scene work for your story. We’ll do this in real-time. Audience input and critiques will be applied as we progress writing a scene or two. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly the DO’s and DON’Ts that will elevate your own writing to a much higher level.

  • Turning Biographical Documentaries into Feature Films

    Telling the story of a person’s life using a documentary approach could be the stepping stone to making it into a narrative feature film. Learn the case-study of how the true life story of World War II Holocaust survivor, Anita Dittman became a book, then a documentary, and is now in development as a movie. Anita was a teenager who escaped twice from Nazi prison as she fought to reunite with her mother sent far away at a death camp. We’ll show you how to option story material, make it into a documentary, then package it as a feature film.