Brett Varvel

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Brett Varvel has been making movies since he was a teenager. In 2008 he directed and starred in The Board, and God used the creation of this film to call Brett into full-time ministry. God gave him a vision to create a non-profit film production company called House of Grace Films, which was founded in 2010. Brett went on to co-write, direct, and star in The War Within, which won numerous top film festival awards at Christian and Secular festivals. The Board and The War Within have gone around the world and impacted many of the Kingdom of Christ.

Brett is most comfortable in the Director’s chair, but is also passionate about writing and acting. Some of his more recent film credits include the lead actor in Play The Flute, and Princess Cut 2. He is an Emmy award winning director and a two-time David Letterman Scholarship winner. Brett’s ambition and passion in life is to share the precious gospel of Christ through film, both in Christian and Secular film markets.

He resides in Indianapolis with his wife Christina and their two children.

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2019 Workshops by Brett Varvel

  • 1-Minute Monologue Showcase

    All actors are invited to showcase their skills! Please prepare and bring your best 1-minute monologue* to present Live before the class and a panel of acting and casting professionals. Actors will take turns doing their sprint while our panel (led by casting director Beverly Holloway) settles in for the marathon. You will receive written evaluation and feedback on your performance, as well as a link to an upload of your clip** for additional review. Producers, directors, and others scouting talent for future projects are welcome to come watch!

    *Sign up on the provided sheet at Guild registration on Monday to determine order. Monologue content must be appropriate for all audiences, as all ages are welcome in the class. You may write something original or choose from existing Film/TV material (editing out other characters' lines as needed). Please come ready to slate with your name and location (city/state).

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  • Discovering Your Character

    One of the most important and unique relationships on a film set exists between an Actor and a Director. This relationship is essential to realizing the character’s full potential in a film. In this workshop Brett Varvel will guide attendees through his process of character preparation, and development, but also offer insight in his experience from working with directors to bring the character to life. Attendees will gain insight on when it is proper to speak on behalf of the character and when to speak on behalf of yourself (the actor).