Benjamin Botkin

CWVFF Speaker20182019

Benjamin is a Christian composer with a passion for telling powerful stories and crafting simple and profound emotions with music. A versatile composer, he has written music for a variety of visual media projects ranging from short films to documentaries, but he is best known for his work on feature films Polycarp, The Screenwriters, and Ace Wonder.

He also has musical interests outside of film, and often works creating orchestration for stand-alone musical projects or creating demo tracks for a number of top-end virtual instrument developers. In the past, Benjamin has lectured on film scoring at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Academy.

Benjamin lives in the greater Nashville area with his lovely wife Audri and three little boys, Ethan, Elliot, and Philip.

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2019 Workshops by Benjamin Botkin

  • Discovering & Developing the Score

    Michelangelo once posited that the sculptor's job is to discover the statue that already exists, hidden, within a block of stone. Benjamin Botkin is no Michelangelo, but in this talk he will attempt to explain the process of discovering and developing the great film score that will uniquely complement your film. Learn about story analysis, developing themes and motives, picking musical ideas that are appropriate for the scene, and more. Do not expect to learn much about sculpting.