Fall update for CWVFF 2020! New venue, schedule and more.

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We have been working hard behind the scenes with a great team and have lots of exciting new things coming for CWVFF 2020. We have a new venue, we have a reworked schedule for the festival, our second 48 hour film race, the composer competition is coming back, a new online directory is in the works and more to be announced over the next several weeks!
We enjoyed our time at the Factory, but as we have continued to grow we needed to find a new space. We are excited to announce we will still be in Franklin, and our new venue will be at the Church of the City. If you miss the factory never fear, you can still hop over there to grab some food or donuts!
We have also posted the main hotel for the event on the venue and lodging page here. Just remember the event ends on Friday when you book your rooms!
We will also be changing the schedule a bit. The Guild schedule will be the same, but we will be kicking off the Festival part of the week Wednesday night with a opening ceremony and special film screening. Then continuing into our screening schedule Thursday and Friday with the award ceremony Friday night. This will help accommodate those that must travel further to attend and if you are closer you can always stay Saturday and enjoy the networking and the town. If you are worried we won’t be able to show as many films, never fear! We will still be screening as many films as before!
Just some reminders, the regular deadline for film submissions is October 8th, and the late deadline is November 5th. Also, if you are a writer or aspiring writer, don’t miss out on the Story Summit end of this month if you can get there.

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