General Session, Wednesday Midday – Director Panel Q&A

By March 16, 2016 No Comments

03.16_NOONsession_DirectorPanelIn this afternoon’s general session, many years of movie-making experience was combined to create an almost tangible wisdom that was shared by the panel of Christian film makers. Rich Christiano, Brett Varvel, Ken Carpenter, Stephen Kendrick, George Escobar, and Chad Burns fielded many questions such as “What is good directing?” and “What is the worst advice or greatest myth that held you back?”

Referring to ‘pride’, Chad Burns said “Pride is like perfume: it smells good, but you don’t want to drink it.”

Stephen Kendrick shared “Moviemaking is like a big black hole; it will suck all your time and energy if you’ll let it. It will take over your life.”

Brett Varvel encouraged the audience with, “People were telling me that I couldn’t do it, but I felt God calling me into film and I had to trust him.”