General Session, Wednesday Evening – Stephen Kendrick

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03.16_PMsession_StephenKendrickAs an outstanding conclusion to the Filmmakers Guild, Stephen Kendrick gave a heartfelt presentation on 10 Leadership Tips for the filmmaking field. “Every filmmaker is teaching a theology.” These tips included Maximizing Your Message, explaining how altering one thing can cause the movie to reach a much broader audience. Stephen also taught on Guarding Partner Unity, stating that God commands us to live in unity and that a team is much more effective when we work in harmony. “I want the crew to feel like they’ve been hanging out with Jesus the whole time and not Satan.”

Some further notes from his talk…

10 Leadership Tips
1. Abide in the Almighty
You will make better decisions if you are abiding in the Spirit
The Lord is the Center – Honoring God should be #1

2. Pummel Your Pride
Pride blinds us to our true self. Jesus was the ultimate example of humility.

3. Guard the Unity of the Team
God commands us to dwell in harmony – Satan is against unity.
Crews have more fun when they are working together in unity

4. Maximize Your Message
Altering one thing makes a huge change
The Kendrick Brothers want films to be:
– Family friendly
– Relateable
– Theologically biblical
– Inspirational: Viewers should laugh, cry, learn, and be challenged
– Spiritually powerful: messages will hopefully impact deeply
– Not have Needless Offenses

5. Power Up Your Praying
View prayer as the air you breathe

6. Seek David, Not Saul
Don’t choose talent first, look at the heart

7. Shepherd The Sheep
People who put money over people are going for the wrong thing.

8. Purify Your Product
Work hard and never give up

9. Make Disciples

10. Steward Any Success
Turn success into more efforts to bring God glory

Guarding Partner Unity
1. Prayer and Communication – Set expectations

2. Establishing a Clear Authority Structure – You can’t put two steering wheels in one car

3. Mutual Submission – Willing to yield

4. Point Man Arrangement – In different situations, one man makes the final decision

5. Appeal, Discuss, Pray – Go to God

6. Bring In Outside Counsel – Flip a coin

7. Peaceful Breakup or Buyout – All it takes is one to yield