General Session, Tuesday morning – Phillip Telfer

By March 10, 2015 No Comments

Phillip TelferThe 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival was kicked off this morning with prayer and worship in song to the Lord Jesus Christ, under the leadership of pastor Phillip Telfer. In the first general session of this jam-packed week, Telfer challenged Christian filmmakers and consumers alike to use the gifts and skills they possess to serve the King of Kings, as He appoints and directs. Reminded that we are swimming upstream as we cut counter to the world’s agenda, we must first examine the foundation upon which we stand and ask “to which kingdom do I belong?” Christ Jesus alone is that true Foundation which cannot shift or fail. The world may inevitably find anything that bears the name of Jesus Christ distasteful as we hold forth “the Truth” in film, and we know that full well as we take up our battle stance. The world is bold without apology to propagate their message. Why should we not do so all the more as we uphold that worthy Name above every other name. In terms of broadcasting, let us spread abroad the good seed that God would be pleased to bring to fruition in His time and for His glory. Finally, filmmaking is not a replacement for being a disciple of Christ. May our filmmaking be the overflow of lives wholly devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ, for His glory, and to the furtherance of His Kingdom.