General Session, Tuesday Evening – Stephen Kendrick

By March 15, 2016 No Comments

03.15_PMsession_StephenKendrickStephen Kendrick brought an invigorating Georgia breeze to the Filmmakers’ Guild as day two came to a close. Considered one of the giants of Christian filmmaking, CWVFF is proud to host him for the first time. His message titled “How to Make Grand Slam Decisions,” focused on God’s individual purpose for each and every one of us, and how He guides in decision-making processes.

Walking the audience through “Eight Ways God Speaks to Us,” Kendrick touched on the significance of how God communicates with us in many ways, such as prayer, circumstances, counsel, submitting to authority, and His Word, among others. He stressed how crucial it is to remember that “your life is not about being a filmmaker, it’s about knowing and loving the Lord.”

Kendrick used the miraculous adoption story of his daughter Mia as an example of the unfathomable provision of the Almighty in the decisions surrounding her circumstances. He and his wife learned that no matter how we may feel about a situation, we must always wait and listen for God’s divine guidance.

As he used an example from working on a Kendrick Brothers production, he said, “You can trust God completely, even if he tells you not to go with ‘who’ or ‘what’ looks like your best option. Just about everybody walking by faith had to learn how to do that. I had a decision in filmmaking where my logic would say, ‘He’s our guy’ but every time I went to pick up the phone, the Lord kept saying, ‘Don’t do it.’”

Ultimately Kendrick’s goal was to encourage filmmakers to ask themselves, “What will honor the name of Christ?” when making decisions of any kind, personal or professional. After all, “wisdom is when we view life from an eternal perspective.”