General Session, Monday Midday – Brett Varvel

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03.14_NOONsession_BrettVarvelMonday’s afternoon session featured filmmaker Brett Varvel, director of Best Feature Film The War Within (2014). Throughout his films, past and present, Varvel’s goal has been to show his viewers the Reality of Jesus Christ. ”You can’t outlive Him and you can’t live without Him,” he asserted.

Varvel reminded his audience that most filmmakers and actors out there don’t know Jesus Christ, Who is Reality. Therefore, many Christian films are labeled “cheesy” because of the cast’s lack of a personal relationship with Reality, Jesus Christ. They are instead living in a fantasy of fear, doubt, and disbelief produced by the god of this world.

Varvel’s goal was to reignite a passion in his audience with the purpose of grounding their films in the Reality of Jesus Christ. “When we share the gospel in our movies, every person that worked on the project has a hand in spreading the gospel, sharing Jesus Christ,” he stated.

So many people are asking, “What is Reality?” “Who is Jesus?” We as Christian filmmakers need to be prepared to give the answers by believing in Christ alone, and surrendering our lives, families, films, and businesses to Him.

In the Scripture, when Jesus drove the merchants out of the Temple, He radiated the Reality of His holy power. When He taught masses, He embodied real, perfect love. And when He submitted to being strung up on a wooden cross, He was the ultimate sacrifice that destroyed our Reality without Him— filthy sin. What would happen if we combined the leading form of entertainment today with the Reality of the most powerful story ever told? We can change the world.