General Session, Monday Evening – George Escobar

By March 14, 2016 No Comments

03.14_PMsession_GeorgeEscobarAs a thought-provoking conclusion to the first day of the Filmmakers Guild, George Escobar touched base on the subject of excellent screenwriting. “Anyone can write a scene, but it takes skill to give a scene character,” said the veteran filmmaker. His experience with Advent Film Group has seen him wearing many hats, such as producer, director, and writer.

In the same theme as Advent’s latest film “The Screenwriters,” Escobar expounded on the countless hours of work and diligence behind the achievement of becoming a master screenwriter. He noted that many Christian filmmakers’ approach to screenwriting leaves much to be desired. Charging his audience to “overhaul” the traditional approach, Escobar shared personal anecdotes to clear up the myths that disguise the art of filmmaking, particularly screenwriting.

Escobar concluded his talk on a high note as he gave his opinion on the bright future of Christian filmmaking. Speaking to the younger members of his audience, he predicted that within the near future, Christian filmmaking will reach the pinnacle of mastery already obtained by Hollywood. However, he emphasized the importance of using their skills and talents to reveal the big picture that Hollywood is missing; that true fulfillment comes from knowing the one true God.