Filmmakers Guild Podcast!

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Filmmakers Guild PodcastAnother exciting new development is our new Filmmakers Guild Podcast! Each Friday we will be releasing a new episode so be sure to subscribe at or on itunes!

The Filmmakers Guild Podcast

Biblical Wisdom and Technical Training for Christian Filmmakers.

The Filmmakers Guild Podcast is an outreach of Media Talk 101 in conjunction with the annual Christian Worldview Film Festival and Filmmakers Guild. The Filmmakers Guild offers over 50 workshops from over 20 Christian filmmakers at their annual event to encourage filmmakers in their Biblical worldview and the craft of filmmaking.

In addition to the annual gathering, we hope to be a helpful resource for filmmakers throughout the year. Our aim is to provide encouraging, challenging, and insightful content to help sharpen the skills of the Christian filmmaker by interviewing veterans in the film community. You will have opportunity to learn from their successes as well as their struggles and gain some valuable insight into the finer points of film production through their experiences.

Episodes will include:

  • The Journey of the Filmmaker – interviews with some of your favorite filmmakers.
  • Topical Index – The “how tos” of filmmaking, including: Writing, Producing, Directing, Acting, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Distribution, and more!
  • Filmmakers Panel – Q&A with a panel of guests from a particular field of interest.

  • We hope these recordings are both encouraging and practical as you seek to hone your skills as a Christian filmmaker.

    For our first episode we had the privilege to interview our good friend and Filmmakers Guild teacher John-Clay Burnett. He shares about his journey starting out in the industry and gives some great advice about how to keep your heart in the right place as a Christian Filmmaker. Click here to listen to his interview!