Your Kingdom Come

Official CWVFF Selection2019Documentaries

"YOUR KINGDOM COME" follows the story of the Israelites as they anticipate the arrival of God's kingdom on earth. As they crossed into the promised land they had no idea that their desire to put down roots meant turning away from the God who had led them out of Egypt, protected them and provided for them daily in the wilderness.
Their vision of God's kingdom would provide a consistent food supply, a powerful army and strong political standing. But God didn't send the kind of king they were expecting, one who would rule with a sword and establish an earthly kingdom. Instead, He sent a Savior who would challenge everything the Israelites knew about God's kingdom on Earth.

(Documentary Feature Film – 35)
Director – Seth Conley
Producers – Seth Conley & Mariana da Silva
Writers – Timothy Green, Timothy Gaines & Shawna Songer Gaines