Oh Aching Soul

Official CWVFF Selection2019Short Films

Buckle up! Join the journey of 5 college students as they go on a road trip in a quest to find joy. Will they find true joy and lasting happiness on this roadtrip? Preaching to a growing crowd near the edge of the Grand Canyon is Mountain Man, Benjamin Breckinridge. He holds no punches when it comes to proclaiming the Truth.

A short dynamic film infusing poetic narration, dramatic acting, and stellar music. Crafted with artistry to create an engaging "digital gospel tract" that offers soul-quenching Truth to a thirsty and dying world.

Starring Kevin Swanson, Hannah Leary, Jenna Wicklund, Josh Nuckols, Christina Hastings, & Josh Wicklund.

(Short Film – 8)
Director – Daniel Nuckols
Producer – Daniel Nuckols
Writer – Daniel Nuckols