Official CWVFF Selection2019Short Films

A man floats in the water, immersed head to toe in what should be his grave. A pulse of pain shoots through his head as the humming grows louder and consciousness slowly returns. John Bailey awakens to find himself unwillingly bound to his past mistakes and faces a never ending prosecution of his darkest reality - the evidence of a life of sin. Drowning in the abyss of his own demise, two sets of damaged wrists breach the surface , one marked by the teeth of bindings that would heal over time, the other bearing the hole of a nail made for eternity. As the water cascades away from his body, he fills his lungs with the sweet joy of new life.

(Short Film – 9)
Director – Jason Watkins & Brandon Blackburn
Producer – Jason Watkins, Brandon Blackburn & LeeAnna Channell
Writer – Jason Watkins & Brandon Blackburn