Official CWVFF Selection2020Short Films

A young man TSOGTOO is hugging his wife UYANGA when she surprises him with her pregnancy. During her check up, Uyanga is diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor tells them to terminate the pregnancy because she urgently needs treatment. Uyanga convinces Tsogtoo that keeping their baby is the right choice. This decision brings unbearable consequences and challenges to their young marriage. In the midst of despair their pastor encourages Tsogtoo to let God be his strength in keeping his wedding vows. At 28 weeks, Uyanga has an emergency c-section. As Tsogtoo waits anxiously but with a determined faith, he hears a baby crying and celebrates with Uyanga their new born gift of life from God.

(Short Film - 29)

Director - Bilguun Narantuya

Producer - Borogchingoo Zorigtbaatar