Film Festival, Saturday Evening – Awards Announced

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03.19_AwardsNightPhillip Telfer kicked-off the much-anticipated Awards Night by pointing his listeners to Christ Jesus, the author of our faith and the focus of the Christian Worldview Film Festival. He also thanked the many volunteers who have been working tirelessly for months. ”When our church gets together, we don’t make a movie, we make a film festival.”

This award ceremony marked a festive conclusion to this week’s filmmakers guild and festival. The contestants and attendees represented 34 U.S. states, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, and Canada.

As host this evening, Brett Varvel was well-spoken and entertaining. He encouraged filmmakers to remain focused on excellence of the arts and to give God all the glory.

Talented musicians provided the evening’s entertainment, from Gaelic folk songs, to familiar melodies performed by the Bower family. The Johnson Strings even surpassed themselves with their rendition of traditional fiddle music.
Applause filled the air as winner after winner was announced from the stage. To the delight of the audience, The Defense of New Haven won Best Feature Film and the Audience Choice Award. The awards spanned several categories. Composers and young filmmakers were recognized, along with themes like honoring our fathers and presenting the Gospel.
The entire ceremony was an amazing conclusion to a God-glorifying and edifying week. Inspiration was kindled in many hearts, and Lord-willing, they will go out into the world of filmmaking and shine the light of Jesus Christ.  “We’re not here to walk the red carpet; but the narrow path,” said Rhett Simkins of Media Talk 101.

Young Filmmakers
Runner up- Choice of a Lifetime
Winner- Two Friends; Two Different Destinies

Promotional Film
Runner up- Why We Homeschool
Winner- Taking The Next Step

Best Music Video
Runner up- Before The Throne
Winner- Wandering Pilgrim

Best Animated Film
Runner up- Two Friends; Two Different Destinies
Winner- Torchlighters: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story

Sanctity of Life Award
Runner up- Stolen Moments
Winner- Choice of a Lifetime

Missions Awareness Award
Runner up- Dispatches From The Front: No Regrets, No Retreat
Winner- Dispatches From The Front: The Day of Battle

Short Film Music Scoring Competition
Runner up- Sanghee Nam
Winner- Sean Kisch

Best Original Film Score
Runner up- The Screenwriters, by Benjamin Botkin
Winner- The Defense of New Haven, by J. Marty Cope

Best Short Documentary
Runner up- The Penny Suit
Winner- Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventure: Alaska!

Best Short Film
Runner up- That Which Costs
Winner- Armor of God

Best Documentary
Runner up- The Five Day Adoption
Winner- Agenda 2

Honor Your Father Film Contest
Honorable Mention- Our Fathers Are As Farmers
3rd- The Father Effect
2nd- Legacy
1st- Fatherhood: Cherish Every Moment

Best Gospel Presentation Award
Runner up- Agenda 2
Winner- The Penny Suit

Best Feature Film
Runner up- Hoovey
Winner- The Defense of New Haven

Audience Choice Award
Runner up- The Screenwriters
Winner- The Defense of New Haven

03.19_DefenseOfNewHaven-BestFeature 03.19_Agenda2-BestDocumentary