Film Festival, Friday Evening – Rich Swingle and music: The Johnson Strings, Peter de Jesus Band

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03.18_PhillipTelferFriday evening’s festivities included an invigorating mix of entertainment, kicked off by the nationally recognized family band, The Johnson Strings. Their bows leapt and fingers flew in perfect time, the result of countless hours of practice and a strong family bond. Feet tapped in time to their heart-warming, rollicking pieces that warm the heart. Their goal extends beyond their impressive talents with strings, reaching to the very souls of their audience. Between pieces, the Johnsons proclaim God’s truth through memorization of His Word.

Peter de Jesus band followed with heartfelt worship to the King of Kings, with much-loved songs like “Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. Especially touching were the praise anthems in Spanish as well as English, all to the glory of God.

Phillip Telfer, Founder of the CWVFF and Director of the ministry Media Talk 101 addressed the crowd for a few minutes. Phillip touched on the 10 core values of Media Talk 101 and how those can apply to Christian filmmaking and ultimately the Christian walk. See the more in depth coverage of this talk he gave to the Guild attendees.

The primary entertainment of the evening was Rich Swingle’s one man drama portraying the life of Eric Liddell after the events comprised in the movie Chariots of Fire. Titled “Beyond the Chariots,” Swingle used his talents to tell the story of a man who left Olympic fame to share the humility and grace of Christ with the Chinese.

The story of Eric Liddell was a providential and perfect way to end the evening. The recurring theme throughout the Christian Worldview Film Festival has been to humble ourselves as Christians, filmmakers or not. Only when humility and servanthood is learned can God use a person to further the Gospel and His kingdom.

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