• Registration for film submissions open on August 3, 2018.
  • Film submission deadline is December 15, 2018. Films must be submitted via digital download by this date.
  • Film submission fees are $25 (per film)
  • The LATE film submission deadline is January 15, 2019 with a fee of $50 (per film)
  • Films should be about 1-3 minutes in length.
  • First Place will receive $2500.
  • Second Place will receive $1500.
  • Third Place will receive $1000.
  • At least 10 finalists will have their short films showcased at the 2018 Christian Worldview Film Festival and be used in the annual “Honor Your Father” campaign, which is organized by the Fatherhood CoMission, Media Talk 101, and the Christian Worldview Film Festival.
  • We strongly encourage you to attend the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival and Filmmakers Guild held in Franklin, TN from March 11-16, 2019.
  • Awards for this contest will be presented during the CWVFF awards ceremony on March 16th, 2019.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a film to the Christian Worldview Film Festival and Fatherhood CoMission’s “Honor Your Father” short film competition.   By submitting a film (hereafter called the “Film”) to Christian Worldview Film Festival (hereafter called the “Festival”) the Filmmaker acknowledges that he or she has obtained all necessary rights and consent and has read and understood the Festival rules and regulations for submitting a Film listed below. 


  • Section I: The Heart of the Competition
  • Section II: Competition Objective
  • Section III: Rules and Regulations
  • Section IV: Technical Submission Guidelines



We live in a culture where entertainment often attempts to degrade the importance of fathers and attack their distinct role and responsibilities. Negative examples of fatherhood are often absorbed and adopted unconsciously by young men who look up to the personal lives of entertainers as role models. We know that dads have their faults and many boys have grown up with bad examples in their own homes. If culture is going to change it must be cultivated. That is why we host the annual Honor Your Father short film contest, we want to counter the negative messages and cultivate honorable fatherhood by highlighting honorable fathers.


Tell a true story about a notable action or noble character trait by a remarkable father using narrative storytelling, or documentary, or docudrama. The medium may be live action, animation, or documentary, or combined. This can be a historical example from the past or someone contemporary. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about someone you know personally. Share a story that honors fathers by demonstrating something heroic, sacrificial, inspiring, noble, or some other Christ-like character. It doesn’t have to be a super-human, over-the-top, nearly unbelievable story (unless you’ve got that story to share). It can be something humble and simple that everyday dads can be encouraged by and aspire to emulate. This should be an inspiring short film that others will want to share on social media and in their church. The top three films will receive cash prizes and finalists will be shown at the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival in Franklin, TN, March 14-16.


    1. Films must be completed after October 1, 2017, to be eligible for this competition.
    2. It is the sole responsibility of the Filmmaker to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owners for any and all copyrighted or trademarked content. The Festival will not be held liable for any unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked materials and reserves the right to disqualify any Film for copyright or trademark infringement.
    3. By submitting a Film to the Festival, the Filmmaker agrees to issue a perpetual license (master license) to allow the Film to be screened at the Festival and to allow the Film to be used by the Festival and the Fatherhood CoMission for promotional purposes. Apart from the above, you will retain full copyright of the Film as its creator.
    4. Filmmakers must fill out a submission form and all fees must be paid before the deadline for a Film to be eligible for the festival. Submission fees will not be refunded if a Film is disqualified or not selected to be shown at the Festival. The Submission fee is $25.
    5. All Films must be submitted according to the guidelines listed in Section III: Technical Submission Guidelines and must be submitted by the deadline to qualify.
    6. Films will be selected based on excellence in their work and alignment with the Festival guidelines and objectives. Selected Films will receive “Official Selection” laurels and will screen at the 2018 Christian Worldview Film Festival. The Film deemed as the best will receive a special “Fatherhood CoMission Award” trophy and a monetary prize of $2500. The Film that places second will receive $1500, the Film the places third will receive $1000.
    7. Filmmakers may submit multiple Films, however, each Film must be accompanied by its own entrance fee and submission form.
    8. Once the Films have been reviewed and the selection process is complete, Filmmakers will be notified using the contact information included in the submission form. It is the sole responsibility of the Filmmaker to ensure that the Festival has the necessary and correct contact information.
    9. The Festival is under no obligation to provide feedback on individual Films or on the selection process.
    10. Films that contain significant non-English dialogue must include English subtitles.
    11. Filmmakers must sign and mail in the Permission Agreement for the Fatherhood CoMission. (Download the Agreement here).
    12. We strongly encourage you or a representative of the Film to be in attendance at the Festival to receive any potential awards. Please notify us ahead of time if this is not possible.



    1. Filmmakers must upload a digital copy of their Film to our platform by the deadline for submissions. A file request link will be provided to each Filmmaker upon receipt of your submission application for uploading all files. The file guidelines are below.
    2. HD Upload Compressed Video Source: QuickTime (MOV, MP4 or M4V – H.264 Mezzanine file at a bitrate of 10Mbps or greater), 23.98 FPS, Progressive (non-interlaced), 16×9: 1920×1080; 4×3: 1440×1080. Please name your file the exact name of your Film. Do not include version numbers or anything other than the title of your Film! (for example: “Name of your Film.mp4”)
    3. SD Upload Compressed Video Source: QuickTime (MOV, MP4 or M4V – H.264 Mezzanine file at a bitrate of 10Mbps or greater), 29.97 FPS, Interlaced, 16×9: 854×480; 4×3: 720×480. Please name your file the exact name of your Film. Do not include version numbers or anything other than the title of your Film! (for example: “Name of your Film.mp4”)
    4. Filmmakers must provide a screenshot of their Film for use if the Film becomes a official selection. The screenshot is to be uploaded with the Film. Please name your file the exact name of your film (for example: “Name of your Film.jpg”)
    5. Films should be about 1-3 minutes in length
    6. Each Film submitted should begin with a black screen (for one second) and then the Film should immediately start without any further delay. Please, do not include any trailers or special introductions.
    7. Audio should be mastered in stereo sound.
    8. Receipt of films will be confirmed by e-mail correspondence.
    9. All entry lengths are calculated from black to black, and must include all opening and closing credits, logos, etc.
    10. Application fee is non-refundable.

Submission Deadline:
A digital download must be provided by December 15, 2018 

Late Submission Deadline:  
Registration and a digital download must be provided by January 15, 2019

Submission instructions will be sent via email after registering your film. 

Submission Fee: 
$25 (per film) 

Late Deadline Submission Fee: 
$50 (per film) 

Download, sign, and send in the Fatherhood CoMission Permission Agreement. 
Download the agreement here. 

Please send the signed document to: 
Christian Worldview Film Festival 
1575 Thousand Oaks Dr. 
San Antonio, TX 78232