Frequently Asked Questions About the CWVFF

What exactly is CWVFF?

The Christian Worldview Film Festival & Filmmakers Guild is an annual 6 day conference focused on equipping and encouraging filmmakers and film enthusiasts from a Biblical worldview. The week consists of 3 days of training and networking during the Filmmakers Guild and 3 days of screening over 50 films at the Film Festival. Guests can come for the whole week or just come to view the films from Thursday- Saturday.

Why did you move the festival out of San Antonio, Texas?

Many factors led to moving the festival out of San Antonio to Franklin, TN. As we sought the Lord’s direction for the upcoming year we sensed a need to think of relocating to a more central location in the country. We had a considerable burden about the unintended rising costs of the event and the difficulty it had been to continue without increasing the price of admission. We believed that by finding a venue that met our needs in another city we could keep ticket prices down and reduce the traveling expenses of most of our attendees by relocating within a one day drive from a majority of the population of the U.S. This has allowed us to reduce the cost of the Filmmakers Guild admission without having to cut the number of workshops we offer or the amount of days the event runs.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do offer a limited number of 50% scholarships to attend the Filmmakers Guild for those who are in need and meet the requirements in the scholarship application.

Are children welcome at this event?

Yes! This event is family friendly. We welcome families of all sizes to attend and strive to accommodate families with young children. We offer discounts for children under 6 years old. All children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a ticketed adult who is responsible for their oversight.

Do I need to buy tickets for my young children?

Children under 6 are FREE to attend the Film Festival and are just $29 for the Filmmakers Guild. Each child under 6 must be registered through our online ticketing service.

How do you decide which films will be accepted to the festival?

Due to scheduling and limitations of screen-time only a limited number of films that are submitted each year are selected for inclusion in the Festival. Each film is judged by a panel of at least 5 judges and scored in areas of both worldview and technical merit. Some films are determined to be disqualified for not meeting the requirements as outlined in the Submission Guidelines, while others simply do not score as high as other films submitted that year.

What are the prizes for winners?

Prizes for award-winning films are determined by sponsor support. It is our goal to raise at least $1000 per category as a cash prize. (Filmmakers must be present at the award ceremony to receive cash prizes) Additionally, winning films will be awarded with a really cool trophy that can be used as a paperweight on your desk or your next film project.