Eric Ludy – The Filmmakers Guild: Main Session

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God uses humble vessels

Filmmakers experienced an introspective spiritual message from bestselling author, pastor, and lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training in Colorado, Eric Ludy, in tonight’s final general session. Ludy treated filmmakers to a strong helping of humble pie. He abandoned his original talk because he felt the Lord leading him to share, ‘The Message,’ that focuses on humility by taking the audience on a journey through four stories of painful experiences from his past that God uses to communicate His power through our weakness.  

Using both humor and gravity, Ludy opened up about vulnerable challenges from his youth where God showed him that it wasn’t enough to ask forgiveness for sin against others, which he knew God had granted him, but he discovered it’s often necessary to make restitution in order to restore relationships with others.

“We’re like a room full of snobs,“ that got their attention. “In a group that has a tendency to lean that direction, I feel like I need to give you filet mignon.”

Ludy delivered through challenging the audience to allow God to work in each individual’s heart by asking Him who you need to seek forgiveness from and press forward in humility — whether it’s breaking free from past regrets like mocking a disabled classmate, telling lies to cover up feelings of inadequacy, relentlessly trying to one-up a sibling, or deeply longing to have love restored from a father.

“Pride is the one thing the Lord has to weed out. The Spirit of God can’t use that. God needs humble vessels.”

Ludy asked filmmakers to pray and take a posture of humility, as he led them in a soul searching prayer, pleading with the Lord to make us humble vessels and use it to bring unity and community among the Christian filmmakers in attendance. The Spirit of God moved and inspired many to seek who, when, and where to make restitution.

“Humility is the vessel through which the Lord can use you to change the world,” Ludy urged. “But you have to do it His way…I want you to experience consecration. If you’re holding onto the controls of your filmmaking career, you’re not consecrated. We need to set ourselves in His hands as humble vessels.”

Written by Terri Hall

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