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By January 30, 2018 10 Comments

Preparations are in full swing for the 5th annual Christian Worldview Film Festival, taking place in Franklin, TN this March!  We have a lot going on to get things ready, but I wanted to share something new with you for 2018.

We have prepared the framework to publish a full-sized, full-color directory that we’re calling the 2018 Christian Filmmakers Guild Directory. It will include names and photos of individuals that you can look up by their department and role in the filmmaking process along with the region they live in and their contact information.

We are excited to put this together, however, in order for this to work the way we hope it will, we need you to list yourself and what you do in the directory!

We are making this really easy to do!

If you want to be listed as an individual it is completely FREE. Just follow the link, fill in the blanks and sign up! If you want your film company to be listed, it’s just $25! You can be listed in more than one department and more than one job for a small fee, but don’t miss out on the FREE listing!

We only have a couple of weeks before this has to go to the printer to have it ready in time for the Filmmakers Guild and Festival. You do not need to be in attendance at the Guild to participate in the directory although we hope you can make it. Oh, and did I mention that print copies will be free at the Guild & Festival and an online version will be posted as well?

So follow the link, sign up, and we’ll see you all in the 2018 Christian Filmmakers Guild Directory!

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  • Philip Torjir says:

    Great Idea. The Lord bless this gathering with His awesome presence.

  • Diane Richardson says:

    I filled everything in up to upload picture. I clicked on file chosen and it didn’t work. I’m on a mobile device. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • David Cook says:

      Hello Diane, sorry to hear it is giving you trouble. If you can, please try re saving the image with a different name and try again. Sometimes it bugs up.

  • An idea long overdue! VERY excited for it. May I make a recommendation or two? 1. This book will be so valuable that it will travel. Therefore, I think you could drop the “Guild” part from the name of the Directory. 2. Curious as to why color? Extra cost and not necessarily needed unless you are securing sponsors/advertisers? 3. Will there be an index by jobs so, say, if a producer wanted to hire a sound mixer, he could easily find all the names under that particular job? Thanks for doing this, it’s going to be a real asset!

  • David Michael Hyde says:

    Will you be adding a category for screenwriters?

  • I missed the deadline to post my severices for the directory 🙁 Will this directory be accessible online too, or just in a hard copy format? When is the earliest I can register again?

    • David Cook says:

      Currently we only have it in print form and a pdf version of it. We would love to expand to an online directory but that will require some additional development to make that happen!

  • How do we order a copy of the directory? Thank you.

  • Nick Taylor says:

    I am trying to become an independent Christian filmaker. As such, any assistance you could offer me in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Nick Taylor

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