Behind the Scenes of Like Arrows with Director Kevin Peeples

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“Like Arrows,” the winner of the 2018 CWVFF “Audience Choice Award” and “Best Feature Film,” is coming to theaters this week – May 1 & 3! Recently, Director Kevin Peeples took some time to share with us reflections from his journey in creating this film.

What types of films do you create?

At Pro-Family Films, we create original films that uphold a Gospel-Centered Worldview of Marriage, Children, & Family. What that means is that most Christians, if not all, will agree that marriage is a picture of the gospel – of Christ and His Church. But the fullness of this picture is far greater than most even realize. We desire to tell stories that encourage and strengthen the family to embrace the full gospel picture in the covenant of marriage.

How did you work to honor God in the process of making Like Arrows?

We didn’t hold back when it came to writing our mistakes as spouses and parents into the characters of this film. I told God “Okay, Lord. I’ll just write what we’ve done wrong so you can show us how to redeem it.” I’m still making mistakes today that the characters do, and I feel that vulnerability speaks to so many.

On set, we made sure we had devotions every morning to keep us focused and keep us united as a crew so any spiritual warfare didn’t hinder us from making what the Lord wanted us to make. And it really made for a peaceful environment where everyone could shine as individual members of the collect body.

What is a key lesson you learned as the director of this film?

I’ve been directing for 16 years and this isn’t my first feature length project, but it’s my highest budget to date. I’m always a better director after each project. With a larger crew, I learned how vital it is to rely on the gifts God has given others and not be afraid of delegation. But at the same time, be confident in your vision, because people do better when they have freedom within boundaries.

Surround yourself with people of good character first and then listen well. In the end, it was the easiest directing job I’ve ever had, and I have my cast and crew to thank for that.

How has CWVFF encouraged your journey as a filmmaker?

The Christian Worldview Film Festival is an incredible reminder that no matter your budget, no matter how much you know, you can’t ever get too close to Christ in your filmmaking. You must fear the Lord in all you do or you risk doing it all in vain. And it’s encouraged me that there are so many others that are on the same journey with me, ready to encourage me too.

Why are you passionate about the message of Like Arrows?

There are so many truth nuggets in this movie that are easy to miss on first viewing. You’re engaged in the characters and the story, but we have woven in so many practical ways to enhance your parenting and new ways to focus your mind on releasing your “Arrows” into the world.

From counting your summers to publicly releasing your children on mission for the Lord to tracking your answered prayers, the message is more than just why, but how. And the Art of Parenting Video Series – the motivation for the film – is an eight-week curriculum to help you feel confident in the how.

What would you give as practical encouragement for families to strengthen their faith and their relationships with each other?

It’s not too late. There’s still time. God is the redeemer of lost time and so faithful to His promises.

How can people help support this movie?

Go see it in a local theater opening week. Our business is based on opening week, and the success of everything from this point on depends on the success of May 1 and May 3. Vote for God Honoring films with your attendance. Then, get a group of friends or your small group to go through the Art of Parenting curriculum by FamilyLife for a more in-depth study that will change your parenting.

Let’s get out and support this movie coming to theaters this week. For tickets and more information, visit

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  • Robert P. Herman says:

    I wrote my crazy life story (titled above) that goes like this: I was born in the middle of the Watts riots in L.A., almost died at 2, a bully broke my collar bone at 6, at 9 my mom had a massive stroke from PKD and left her a vegetable (we taught her how to read and write again – an amazing miracle!), was molested by an uncle for years, had scoliosis surgery at 14, almost committed suicide at 20 (wrote the lyrics to “Suicide”).

    Then when my Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) kicked in, the “fun” really started including a kidney transplant, colon rupture, and a lot more that even the Mayo Clinics in MN and AZ can’t figure out.

    Oh, then my 5 yr daughter had brain surgery, and my wife had brain tumor the following year, all while we became foster parents and adopted our little girl Journey from a meth addicted mom.

    And I still managed to produce over $1 Billion in sales through our faith in Christ.

    That’s why I like to say, “We know what its like to be naked in the middle of a tornado and all this stuff flying at us… with nothing to hold onto… but each other.”

    Let’s make this a movie to help others with bullying, health crises, suicidal thoughts, foster parenting, adoption, strengthening faith, and to “Never Give In!”
    My book will be on Amazon in a few days but I would be more than happy to email you, or mail you a copy.

    Thank you!! Rob Herman

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