2019 CWVFF 48 Hour Film Race Rules


  1. We want the name of Christ to be proclaimed through filmmaking with the greatest level of excellence possible. Improved mastery of this craft can be achieved through the use of a strict deadline and parameters.
  2. We desire that the Christ-honoring friendships formed among the Christian film community be fostered through regular intervals of working together. A low-budget, friendly competition is an excellent place for this to happen.


  • A film’s Producer or Director will be considered the Team Leader, to be determined by each team.
  • Teams may be of any size, and located anywhere around the world.
  • No person may be on more than one team.
  • All team members must be volunteers. Food, lodging, travel expenses, and individual registration fees may be covered by the team/Team Leader, but no additional reimbursement may be given or promised.
  • All cast and crew are counted as team members. (Persons working exclusively as script consultants or providing feedback in screenings are not counted as team members.)
  • Teams will choose a team name.
  • Each team will submit no more than one film.


  • Registration fees:
    • Early-bird Registration (ends December 10, 2018): $40/team (includes registration for Team Leader plus 3 team members), plus $10/each team member
    • Regular Registration: $60/team (includes registration for Team Leader plus 3 team members), plus $10/each team member
    • Registration closes on January 3, 2019
  • A Pre-Roll Slate Template will be available for download upon registration.


  • The competition begins Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 8:00pm EST.
  • Registrants will receive an email with a link to the Announcement Livestream and the Livestream start time.
  • The end of the Livestream marks the beginning of the 48-hour time period.
  • Announcement of this year’s 3 required elements takes place during this Livestream.
  • At the time of the Livestream Announcement, an email will go out containing the information from the Livestream.
  • Teams will have 48 hours from the start time to write, film, edit, and finish their films.
  • Finalists will be announced on January 31, 2019, with Team Leaders from the selected films receiving a notification on that date.
  • The finalists will be screened at the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival, with the competition winner being announced at the same event.

Required Elements/Restrictions:

  • Three elements/restrictions required for each film will be revealed at the event start:
    • Theme Verse
      • Films are not allowed to quote the verse, but stories should be clearly centered around the theme.
      • Each film must include the text “Based upon _______ (theme verse)” in the film’s credits, in a manner chosen by the filmmakers.
      • The goal is not just to mention Scripture, but to make each story fully centered around the truth of God’s Word.
    • Mystery Filmmaking Element/Restriction
      • One specific element of filmmaking (type of shot, technique, etc.) will either be required or prohibited.
      • The goal of this requirement is to stretch filmmakers creatively and encourage greater technical excellence without the use of specialized equipment.
    • Mystery Story Requirement/Restriction
      • One specific element in the writing of the script (scene requirement, dialogue restriction, etc.) will either be required or prohibited.
      • The goal of this restriction is to improve filmmakers’ storytelling skills without increasing the budget or complexity of the production.

Before 48-Hour Time Period:


  • Selecting team
  • Selecting cast
  • Brainstorming story ideas
  • Planning shoot days
  • Scouting locations and procuring location agreements
  • Creating/procuring assets
    • Sound effects
    • Musical works
    • Pre-keyed visual effects elements

Not Allowed:

  • Writing scripts
  • Shooting footage (outside of visual effects elements listed above)
  • Editing of any kind

Technical Requirements:

  • All films must be 3-7 minutes in length (calculated from the first black frame after slate to the first black frame after credits).
    • Runtimes longer or shorter than the time requirement will result in automatic disqualification.
  • All films must begin immediately with a 5-second slate containing the following information (using the provided template):
    • 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival 48-Hour Film Race
    • Team Name
    • Team Leader Name
    • Film Title
    • Film Runtime
    • There must be one second of black following the slate before any sound or image
  • Each film must include the text “Based upon _______ (theme verse)” in the film’s credits, in a manner chosen by the team.

Final Submission:

  • Uploads must be initiated before the end deadline to YouTube as an unlisted video.
    • Any resolution or bitrate is acceptable for initial upload.
    • Films with uploads started before the deadline which fail mid-upload may be re-initiated after request is sent to our email.
    • A link to the film will be sent to our email.
  • Within one week of competition end, each film must be submitted via the CWVFF Dropbox (link to be provided in event start email) according to the guidelines for Short Narrative films.
    • Files required for upload:
      • Rendered export of finished film (same requirements as regular festival submissions) 720p or 1080p at 10mbps
      • Proof of Licensing/Public Domain status for all music
    • Any film which fails to be uploaded to the CWVFF Dropbox with all required files will be disqualified.

Judging Considerations:

  • Films will be judged with the same considerations of technical excellence and worldview as used in judging Short Film submissions to the Christian Worldview Film Festival, with these and other additional considerations:
    • Utilization of theme from Theme Verse
    • Excellence in utilizing Mystery Filmmaking Element/working within Mystery Filmmaking Restriction
    • Excellence in utilizing Mystery Story Element/working within Mystery Story Restriction


  • Films cannot be released to the public until after the end of the 2019 CWVFF (March 17, 2019).