Hello CWVFF family,

As most of you know, due to circumstances outside of our control we have had to postpone the 2020 Guild and Festival event planned for March 16-20. Currently our hope is to move the event to later this year. We are starting to look into potential dates and working on securing a venue for this. We will let you all know once we have dates and details!

As many of you know, this event is not a profit making venture for us or anyone; in fact we have ended every year in the red. We hold this event because we believe in Christian filmmaking and we love Christian filmmakers, and so we try to keep the costs low and affordable for you. We use the ticket sales to help cover the costs of the website, venue, equipment, travel and housing for our speakers, and printing the program book, posters, etc. Thankfully many of these things can still be used when we find new dates.

What to do with your tickets? If you have a ticket to the March 2020 event, it will not be lost and can be transferred to the new event later this year, or held for a following year. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event and don’t want to hold your ticket, there are some other options. You can see if there is someone in your area that would like to use it, the ticket can be reassigned and you can sell it to them, just let us know their name and email. We also have a scholarship fund that helps those that cannot afford to come and we could shift your ticket there. Hopefully one of these options will work for you! If you have further questions or concerns please contact us at office@cwvff.com and we will do our best to help you and work with your situation. Please note that the Church of the City does not have any additional information about the event, or potential rescheduling plans.

We do have some great news though! We have been working this past year on a exciting new Guild membership program, and we were planning to announce it next week at the Guild. We are now working to bring the details of that announcement to you on facebook live this next Friday. The new Guild membership will include a secure, online, searchable directory of filmmakers and members. It will also have a premium option to expand your personal directory listings, access hundreds of hours of great filmmaking training and workshop audio sessions from past years, and also provide discounts to future events.

For everyone that bought a Guild ticket to this year’s event, we’ve decided to give you a code for 6 months free of the premium Guild membership. That code will be emailed to you shortly, so keep an eye out for that!

We are also working on plans to hold an online event on Saturday, March 21, where we will have the Honor Your Father competition and the 48 Hour Film Race Competition films available to view, and then we will announce the winners for those two categories that evening. More information to follow on that as well.

For all the other film festival official selections, we will wait until the event later this year so that everyone can watch the films and enjoy them in a group setting and we plan to hold the big awards ceremony the last day as usual. We all regret having to wait longer, but we really want to honor all your work and effort and make sure others can join us and experience your films and be present before announcing winners!

As mentioned before, we will try to keep everyone updated as things change or as we know more. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement as we navigate these unknown waters.

The CWVFF team

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