Health and Safety Concerns – A Note from the Director

In response to current events, the leadership of the Christian Worldview Film Festival have discussed the COVID-19 virus or “Coronavirus” and are asking all attendees to demonstrate prudence and care. We believe the risk is extremely low for our event in Franklin, TN, nevertheless, we encourage all attendees as well as our staff and volunteers to stay home this year if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (a fever and cough). Everyone is encouraged to use appropriate respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene while attending CWVFF, which means covering any coughing or sneezing and washing your hands frequently, and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer. If you do become ill and are not feeling well during the event, please come immediately for assistance at our help desk. We have also been praying for safety at our event and encourage you to join us in those prayers. Lastly, this is very much like a reunion for many attendees so do not become offended if some individuals choose not to readily shake hands or share a hug at this year’s event. As always, be considerate of others and fulfill Jesus’ instructions, “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you…” Matthew 7:12

If you have already purchased your tickets and are not able to come due to illness, please be aware that you can use your ticket for next year’s festival, or transfer it to someone of your choice, or donate it to our scholarship fund. Thank you for your cooperation and support. We have an exciting event planned this year and look forward to seeing you all in a few days and enjoying an amazing week together!

Grace & Peace,

Phillip Telfer
Director of CWVFF

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