Missions-Awareness-Award Best-Documentary-Runner-Up

Veil of Tears 1 Veil of Tears

This gripping documentary film tells the untold story of millions of women in India who are culturally persecuted simply because they are women. From birth until death, their life is a vicious cycle of poverty and oppression, from the mass epidemic of female suicides, Dowry deaths, forced abortion to more than 46 million widows who are being ostracized by society simply because their husbands died.

However, despite generations of hardship, the Gospel is being spread as Christian women are now rising up all across the nation of India and bringing change to generations of broken women through the hope of Jesus Christ. Take a heartfelt journey through the eyes of these women. You’ll feel their pain and rejoice as you experience their ultimate triumph.


Director – Saylors Brothers Entertainment
Producer – Saylors Brothers Entertainment
Director of Photography – Kyle Saylors