Pilgrims Progress 2

The Pilgrim’s Progress 2

Action, adventure, and perseverance can be found in this seat-gripping adaptation of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress 2; the second half of his widely acclaimed novel, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Join Christiana, her children, and her colorful companions on a suspenseful journey fraught with danger as they press onward towards the Celestial City. Strong and courageous, these brave pilgrims battle the temptations and difficulties along the King’s highway. They refuse to choose any other way but the Lord’s: the way to Life, the path to Truth, the road to Heaven. Magic Fire Productions is a home school student film company from the Houston area. These students write, script, produce, film, and edit their own movies. Brandon Brumfield is the executive producer of Magic Fire films. Pilgrim’s Progress 2 is an official entry in the Texas Christian Film Festival and the Christian Worldview Film Festival sponsored by Media Talk 101. .

Director – Brandon Brumfield
Producer – Brandon Brumfield, Savannah Ramsey & Katherine Hill
Director of Photography – Brandon Brumfield