The Gamer’s Guide to Surviving the Camping Apocalypse

Skylar, an avid video game enthusiast, plays games on a daily basis; often with his best friend Kihal. However, when Kihal’s crush, Christy, decides to participate in an annual scavenger hunt in the woods, Kihal drafts a reluctant Skylar to join the hunt in an effort to impress Christy. They soon realize that figuring out clues, navigating the forests, and fending off other scavenger hunters is no video game. But, both Kihal and Skylar refuse to succumb to the adversity. Instead the two fight back and work together to try to win over Christy, find the treasure, and survive the camping apocalypse. The Gamer’s Guide to the Camping the Camping Apocalypse is a comedy from the makers of Kickstart Millionaires.

(Feature Film – 45)
Director – Nathaniel Schexnayder
Producer – Nathaniel Schexnayder
Director of Photography – Ivy Schexnayder