The Breaking

The Breaking is a film showing one man’s journey to the edge of sorrow and back. While grieving the loss of his wife, Jacob (Kyle Carrell) finds himself lost, confused and broken. He isolates himself in the family cabin in attempt to flee his problems. In his anger and hurt, he begins to question everything he once believed in: Who is God? Why would He let me endure so much pain? What do I have left to believe in? Through his heartache, Jacob not only turns his back on God but also on his family and those close to him. Even though he feels as if his world is crashing down, his sister, Anna (Ashley Dowden), comes to try and reason with him, reminding him that he has never had to face this hardship alone. She brings along some of his wife’s precious keepsakes and while searching through them, Jacob finds his well worn Bible. While reading, he comes upon a letter written by his wife before she passed. With the help of the letter and Anna, he is reminded of where his joy can be found again. Jacob journeys from being on the edge of brokenness to finding his hope once again.

(SHORT FILM – 16 minutes)
Director – Zachary Johnson
Producer – Zachary Johnson
Director of Photography – Zachary Johnson