The 5 Day Adoption

“Thinking that their first adoption was quick, a family prayerfully decides to adopt again. But the impossible challenges ahead are like facing a raging river. In prayer, they follow the example of the Israelites by trusting God, taking a step of faith, while keeping their eyes on God and not on their circumstances. Little do they know that in 5 days a baby will be in their arms!

From CAT scans, background checks, Home studies, to travel arrangements, all in 48 hours, this family saturates all decisions in prayer. As they obeyed, the Lord moved.

Through a national network of brothers and sisters and even the Duggar Family from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the power of God can be seen and prayers are answered every step of the way. This film will encourage you to trust in God’s providence and take a step of faith in your own life when God calls.”

(Documentary – 47)
Director – Kevin Peeples
Producer – Pro-Family Films, LLC
Director of Photography – Kevin Peeples