Striving for Excellence – The Lamplighter Guild

The Lamplighter Guild consists of five days of life-transforming inspiration and instruction in the arts. The annual Guild invites students to the Mohonk Mountain House, a majestic castle known for its majesty the world over. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, master teachers from around the world present instruction in writing, acting, sound-design, photography, filmmaking, illustration, painting, culinary, and Biblical theology. Mornings open with Scripture, prayer, and insights from world-class speakers, followed by intensive sessions in each discipline. Students receive hands-on instruction and discipleship in their chosen field of study throughout the day, and inspiration from keynote speakers each evening. The Guild is an awakening—a renaissance of creative excellence flamed by the Word of God and demonstrated by faith.

(PROMOTIONAL – 5 minutes)
Director – Zach Fowler
Producer – Mark Hamby
Director of Photography – Zach Fowler