Spencer Weaver

As an independent filmmaker, Spencer Weaver has worked on a variety of different projects over the past 12 years. Promotional videos, corporate projects, weddings, both short and feature film projects, etc…

However, it was really in a place called “Stop-Motion Animation” that he got his start and was first impassioned about filmmaking.

Spencer loves to teach and encourage others and seeks to never stop learning himself. He has a great appreciation for those who have mentored him, and values the vast array of experiences that are ever honing his skill as a storyteller.

He and his wife, Christy, first met while working together on the film set of the Academy Award nominated feature film “Alone Yet Not Alone”.

Guild Workshop

  • Exploring Stop-Motion Animation – March 11th, 2:30pm
  • Exploring Stop-Motion Animation dives in with a historic overview of stop-motion in the film industry and how it served to advance the earliest movie making technology. From there we will explore modern techniques, different medias (including clay, household objects, toys, etc), construction of an aluminum wire armature, ways of creating special effects, and more. This session is designed to be very interactive and collaborative. So, please come with plenty of questions and feel free to bring a copy of your own animation work for constructive critique. You can bring your example on DVD or USB thumb-drive or email a link to the work for consideration to: ExploreStopMotion@gmail.com

    Finally, consider emailing us questions in advance that you have about stop-motion animation or the process and we will do our best to answer them in class.