Saving Christmas

James(8), Sam(12), and Jane(19) are disheartened after being left to celebrate Christmas alone. Trying to avoid a pity party, they devise a plan to save their Christmas. Pooling their resources, they come up with a crisp $100.00 dollar bill for each to give away to a needy person. The assignment is easy for Jane and Sam but not James. He prays the Lord will lead a needy person to his bench. When James tries to give the stranger money, he is insulted and resists. Certain that this is the chosen man, James throws the money at him and runs away. Picking up the money, the stranger encounters a needy friend. He leaves the money but the thrill of helping takes his life in a whole new direction.

(Short Film – 6)
Director – Cynthia Harford
Producer – Cynthia Harford
Director of Photography – Doug Harford