Rebekah Cook

Rebekah Cookis a Christ-follower, team-player, and nonstop encourager. She lived in Spain with her missionary family for nineteen years before moving stateside to pursue screen acting. She got her start apprenticing with Advent Film Group, and since 2009 has served on both cast and/or crew for over twenty projects. Her first lead role was as Virginia Page for In His Steps, a modern adaptation of a controversial and inspiring 19th century novel.

Participating in the casting and production process from both sides has cross-trained her skills in the industry, and enabled her to mentor other rising talent. Whether acting, coaching, or casting, Rebekah loves working with directors and actors as they develop characters from a script and bring them to life on the screen. Both on and off of film sets, her heartfelt calling is to be an ambassador of Christ and share God’s extravagant love with those around her.

Guild Workshops

Inside & Outside: Exploring Your Character
Ever met a scripted line that felt forced and unnatural? Ever had difficulty finding the main point of a scene? What do you do when you get stuck in your process? Actress, coach, and casting director Rebekah Cook will teach practical tools to climb out of common character ruts in this all-new hands-on workshop.

Mastering Your Audition
We’ve all heard the basic tips for turning in a good audition: be prepared, be professional, and be yourself. But how to translate that into the real-time pressure of an opportunity we can’t bear to mess up? Rebekah Cook has experienced both sides of the casting process, and will share empirical recommendations for both live and taped auditions.

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