Penny Carlisi

Penny Carlisi is a producer/filmmaker who lives with husband Angelo, in Milford, Michigan. She has two adult sons and three grandchildren. She retired as a Business Controller for a global company in 2001 and soon began studies in Video Production. In 2007, she launched her company Chapter 2 Creative Productions and in 2010 subsidiary Reveal Film Group, specializing in redemption themed documentaries and movies.

Her first feature film, UNEXPECTED PLACES released Dec. 2012, is in distribution internationally and has won various film festival awards. Her second feature film, A HORSE CALLED BEAR, is in post production. Her short documentary TIM was a finalist in the 2009 San Antonio International Christian Film Festival.

Penny used Celtx (free version) software for production planning for both her feature films. And with her second film, she used the index card feature and plot view capability within Celtx to actually create her script. She enthusiastically endorses the Celtx program.

Guild Workshop

  • Using Celtx for Your Script and Production Workflow – March 12th, 10:45am
  • Penny will discuss how the Celtx program can help you do the following:

    SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT ā€“ Learn to create your movie script within the program by using index cards to develop the key points and using plot view to show the interactions between the main plot and the sub-plots.

    PRODUCTION PLANNING ā€“ Learn to create a master catalog, learn to tag items such as characters, actors, locations, props, etc. in order to create an interactive production plan that includes daily/weekly/monthly schedules, call sheets and scene summaries.