Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings is a serial entrepreneur from Austin, Texas and has launched and consulted on multiple ventures. His passion is to enable others to fully develop and utilize their talents, whether that be in filmmaking, music, technology, or politics.

Paul is the former Director of Public Policy of the Texas Home School Coalition and is currently the producer of “Roses”, a short film starring Rachel Hendrix from “October Baby” and Gregory Alan Williams from “Remember the Titans”.

When not working on his latest project, Paul can be found blogging at

Guild Workshops

  • I Need Money! Crowdfunding 101
In the summer of 2013, the production team behind “Roses” set out to raise $9500 for their short film through crowdfunding. One month later they had raised over 150% of their original goal. The going wasn’t easy by any means and in this discussion you’ll learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that many filmmakers make as they try to raise funds for their endeavors. You’ll also hear practical tips and advice about how to best maximize your chances for success.
  • Start With Shorts, Not Features. Learn. Stretch. Avoid Burnout.
Many beginning filmmakers make the critical mistake of biting off more than they can handle and skip ever crafting a professional short. They pour their heart, soul, and energy into creating a feature film that is sub-par due to a lack of experience and planning. Instead, filmmakers should focus on tackling realistic and quality projects that will teach them the skills necessary to craft larger films later on. This highly practical workshop uses the case study of “Roses”, a short film starring Rachel Hendrix from “October Baby” and Gregory Alan Williams from “Remember the Titans”. This session will cover the practical aspects of making a professional short film including when and when not to use crowdfunding, key hiring decisions, the casting process, getting professional actors, obtaining locations, marketing the film, generating press, and much more.

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